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We specialize in history rap stories for 6-12th grade students. 

Hip Hop is Relatable

Mind Muzic lessons align with state & national standards for 6-12th grade. Spark student creativity and create a love of learning through hip-hop.

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We have won awards for our music content and website design and function. In 2020 we were awarded the Parents', Teachers' and Moms' Choice Awards.

Mobile & Desktop Access

We made sure everyone can access our lessons from a smartphone or desktop. Students are always on the go and now can tune into your lessons from anywhere. 

Mobile & Desktop Access

Re-creating History in 3D

Discovery the details behind creating icon moments like, "The Truman Doctrine, Benjamin Banneker's Clock & the Wright Brother's Historical Flight of 1903."

Historically Accurate Depictions

Start using our high-definition flashcards today!

Wright Brother's first flight of 1903
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Community Events

We've worked with Beyond the Bell & the After School All Starts in Los Angeles. We also attended events at Paramount Studios and numerous homeschooling conventions across the nation. 

Community Events

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