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A complete lesson breakdown and quick and simple tutorial on how to review student test scores.

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Interactive teaching materials


Challenge students' memory.



Ask engaging questions.



Assign quiz & review results.


6th - 8th Grade Lessons

Lewis and Clark's Expedition began when President Jefferson asked them to explore the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

9th - 12th Grade Lessons

The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the US and the Soviet Union, which began following WWII.

Teacher Testimonials

Mr. Fry

"The key thing with teaching is you got to have something fun or interesting to keep the kids involved."

Mr. Fry
Ms. Hutton

"Many of my students can retain more information when using the music plus the visual aids.

Ms. Hutton
Principle Hanson

"Music is something that students can relate to."

Principle Hanson

35 + Lesson Packages

Full Lessons Include

  Music Video
  Lyric Sheet
  Review Questions
  Flash Cards
  Vocabulary Cards
  Practice Track
  Answer Key