Engage Your Students' Interest with Music

Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Think of us as Schoolhouse Rap! We specialize in history rap stories for 6-12th grade students. 

Our Program is Award Winning

Mind Muzic's effectiveness derives from communicating in a language that students can understand. Music is scientically proven to stimulate all parts of the brain which increases memorization and retention skills. 

Drive Student Creativity

Whether teaching virtually or in a classroom environment using hip-hop enhances learning and sparks student creativity. Our lessons align with state and national standards for 6-12th grade history lessons. 

Virtually Teaching in 2021

Teaching virtually can be a challenge, with millions of families forced  into in-home learning parents and teachers need help more than ever. Get your students engaged with a modern-day sound that brings your lessons to life. 

Make Learning History Fun

Make your next lesson something that your class will remember for a lifetime. Intrigue and captivate your students. Find the right lesson for your classroom today!