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We specialize in history rap stories for 6-12th grade students. 


Hip Hop is Relatable

Mind Muzic lessons align with state & national standards for 6-12th grade. Sparks student curiosity and create a love of learning through hip-hop.

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Enola Gay Superfortress bomber
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Teacher Testimonials

Mr. Fry | Linden, CA

"The key thing with teaching is you got to have something fun or interesting to keep the kids involved."

Mr. Fry | Linden, CA
Ms. Hutton | Stockton, CA

"Many students can retain more info when using something tangible, like flashcards."

Ms. Hutton | Stockton, CA
Principle Hanson | LA, CA

"Music is something that students can relate to."

Principle Hanson | LA, CA

Extended Learning Tools

Present history in a new way!


Challenge students' memory.



Ask engaging questions.



Assign quiz & review results.


Our Program is Award Winning

Mind Muzic communicates in a language that students can understand.

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All Lessons Include

  Animated Video
  Lyric Sheet
  Review Questions
  Flash Cards
  Vocabulary Cards
  Practice Track
  Answer Key